Terms & Conditions

This agreement is between you, the user of Tourswalking.com website(s) and Applications, (“You” or “User”) and Tourswalking.com (“Tourswalking.com”, “we”, “us”). Where “website(s)”, “platform(s)”, “app(s)” or “application(s)” are mentioned, it is assumed to include all Tourswalking.com site(s), mobile optimised site(s), and apps.

Use of the Website is conditional on that accepting and understanding the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Any further use of the Website is indicative of your having read and understood same.

‘The tour provider’ is the organizer of the tour which is offering services (Tour) for booking or sale via the website(s). ‘Tour’ should be considered as inclusive of all services, includes, added value and other offered by the tour provider displayed ‘as is’ on the website(s).

You confirm that you are of legal age to lawfully use Tourswalking.com web-sites & services, to enter into a contract and that you are solely responsible for all uses performed on said sites / services by you, even if on the behalf of another. Where for all uses performed on said sites / services by you on the behalf of another, you confirm that you have the express permission to provide required and voluntary data pertaining to said other.

You understand that Tourswalking.com is a platform which facilitates your booking of tours with independent tour providers and that Tourswalking.com does not own, operate or provide tours. Furthermore, you understand that you are entering into a contract with the tour provider and not Tourswalking.com, our sites or services. The tour provider is solely responsible and liable for fulfilling said contract on their part and providing you with tour service as booked or with an alternative to your satisfaction where applicable.

It is the responsibility of the tour provider to ensure the accuracy, legitimacy and correctness of all content and information pertaining to their tour and services as displayed on Tourswalking.com website(s). Tourswalking.com are in no way responsible for the quality of any tour or services booked on the site(s).

The information on this Website does not constitute an offer binding to us. Binding agreements with suppliers of activities available on the Website require a booking request through the Tourswalking.com Platform and the Tour Provider’s acceptance of the booking request according to the General Terms and Conditions.

All currency conversions displayed on Tourswalking.com sites are calculated by using an exchange rate derived from a third-party reputable currency conversion website in real time.

Booking process, cancellations & refunds.

Booking Tours

The Tourswalking.com platform also facilitates the booking of ‘tours’ services offered by tour providers.

Such bookings require you to pay an amount at the point of booking, this amount is referred to herein as our “Service fee” and is deducted from the total price of the tour as shown.

You can also opt for a flexible booking option where available at the point of booking which, for an additional fee, will allow you to transfer your service fee to another flexible booking made on the platform, or have it refunded within 6 months of cancellation date. The flexible booking additional fee is non-refundable.

Flexible booking, if selected, allows transfer or refund of service fee in accordance with the stated cancellation policy of the tour provider booked. Service fees on bookings, even flexible bookings, cancelled by you after the cancellation time period has elapsed are not refundable or transferrable.

The service fee is always refundable in instances of the tour provider failing to provide the service as booked. You can claim your refund of service fee by email ([email protected]) or via the link in your booking confirmation email.

You are responsible for paying to the tour provider the remaining balance (the remaining value of your booking after the service fee) on arrival to the tour.

Only cancellations made via the cancellation link in your booking confirmation email will be deemed valid.

The service fee paid when booking must be paid using a valid Credit Card or Debit Card.

You confirm that all information submitted by you to Tourswalking.com, including Credit card / Debit card details, are complete and accurate and that you have been granted the required permissions and authorisations to use said card.

You will receive a booking confirmation via email shortly after completing the booking process, provided that all information submitted is correct and there is sufficient funds available to the credit / debit card used to complete the transaction.

General booking conditions

In making a booking you agree to the tour providers’ policies, including all relevant no-show and cancellation policies as displayed or set out in their profile. Accordingly, in the event of your failing to comply with said policies, including failure to arrive by your agreed time or failure to cancel your booking within the permitted time-frame as set out by the tour provider, you authorise Tourswalking.com to charge your credit / debit card and retain on behalf of the tour provider an amount not greater than the balance due for the service as booked after the service fee paid at the point of booking. Tourswalking.com may inform you of the charge in such an event, as a courtesy. We charge 20% of each booking.